Scuba.Space club membership scheme allows all market participants to save money.
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What is Scuba.Space

The major problem of any dive shop or centre is the intense competition and high customer acquisition cost.

One can be spending large amounts of money but it does not necessarily guarantee tangible results on social media and advertising platforms.

Scuba.Space acts as your agent but does not charge a referral fee.

Zero fees allow us to offer divers maximum discount and the lowest prices on the market.

We help dive shops get new customers without spending money on advertising.

You provide discounts and free services to Scuba.Space cardholders

We include your privilege offers in our online catalogue for divers

The diver finds the desired discount in the catalogue and becomes your customer

Andrea, who is a diver, has decided
to go to the Dominican Republic.

He found Sharks On-Reef dive shop
that offers a 50% discount
on equipment hire, free camera rental,
and a 20% discount on the Night Diver
course in the Scuba.Space catalogue.

Andrea chose your dive shop thanks
to the great price of equipment rental.
He has also decided to take
the Night Diver course
due to a discount availability.

You have gained a new
loyal customer and add-on sales

How much
do you spend?


Dive shops do not pay
any fees
for a Scuba.Space membership.

do you get?

New customers.

And what else? The pricing advantage, add-on sales, repeat sales, and customer loyalty.

All a dive shop needs to do is provide
discounts and/or a set of free services for divers.
You provide only those privileges that you have previously specified.
No customer, no discount.

Is an average discount
on the main services provided
by Scuba.Space partners
Is the number of services
that a dive shop provides
free of charge
Is the number of tourists
who would rather prefer
a discounted offer over
a fully-priced one.


Our involvement in attracting customers is not limited to disseminating information about your discounts.
We offer you a marketing cooperation.

Free Scuba.Space cards

You get Scuba.Space cards that you can offer as add-ons to the Discover, Open Water and Advanced courses certificates.

Use them to entice divers to make repeat purchases and convert them to your regular customers.

Targeted advertising

We spend an individual advertising budget for every partner on Facebook and Google AdWords on a daily basis.

Link advertisements lead to your services page on Scuba.Space.

Promotional merchandise

Stickers. They will let your visitors know that your business is a member of a Scuba.Space club.

Club membership scheme brochures. Use them as add-ons to free membership cards.

Our plan for the next 12 months:
– to show data on the number of visitors and page views our partners get on Scuba.Space
– to create individual Google Search-optimized web pages for dive shops that you will be able to manage yourself
– to develop additional promotional materials


What is the catch?
How do you make money if there is no agent fee?

We profit from annual card maintenance fees.

Divers pay a small amount every year. We donate one portion of this sum to marine conservation funds and use the other portion for Scuba.Space operation.

How long does it take to register for your programme?

5 minutes. Simply send us a list of potential discounts and free services.

Our manager will contact you and answer all your questions.

How do you find divers?
They are a difficult audience!

We have our own social network and a knowledge base with carefully selected content.

We have also created a digital logbook that supports 90% of dive computers.

Besides, we know how to attract different social media audience and work with influencers ;)

Cards and brochures?
What about plastic and paper?

We use a 100% recycled paper to make our promotional materials.

Scuba.Space cards are produced from 100% recycled plastic.

First, a diver gets a digital Scuba.Space card.
A physical plastic card is issued only upon customer's request.

What discounts and perks should I provide to divers?

Most dive shops are ready to offer a 15-25% discount on a range of services, such as diving training courses, dives, dive packages, and tours.

Many dive shops provide free services: scuba cylinder refills, equipment rental, underwater photography services.

You can think up your own discounts and services. A free lunch for instance :)

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Our manager will contact you shortly and answer any questions you might have.

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